I see it!

Định dạng bài viết: Tiêu chuẩn

To Dory and Hanh as we always share this topic of discussion

Finally, I’ve got a vision on what and how I want to lead my life and my career path. Those who have a passion for career and ‘ve been struggled with ‘what do I want’ will be empathetic with my ‘enlightment’, I believe. And my vision doesn’t have anything to do with changing a work place or a career choice (which I’m currently quite happy about). It’s about how I want to see myself (and my career) to be in the next 5-10 years. This also doesn’t need to be a tremendous success but just what I can achieve mentally.

I used to think that a working mom doesn’t need a career. She just needs a job. I’m going that way in a period of time before realizing that ‘I’m wrong!’ (with some aids). I’ve found a new side of my career. Don’t take me wrong. Working mom doesn’t need to be workaholic and family-neglected, either. She just can enjoy her career as anyone else does.

I owe this new perspective to 3 persons. One is a dearest person to my heart, who’s always my guidance, motivation and support in almost all decisions of my life since our destined binding. 2 are new acquaintances that I briefly met in business. They even don’t know how great the impact from the meeting with them leave on me and my perspective. One I just ‘met’ this afternoon and inspired me to compose this entry.

I’ve had a passion for that path long time ago and the destination was quite close to what’ve I been enjoying doing so far (with some new ‘variations’). The meeting with those 2 persons help me to visualize and concretize what used to be just a dream/ aspiration. I’m inspired with determination to make it fulfilled. And, more importantly, I got support and encouragement from my loved ones.

Obstacles of course exist (the first obstacle is the really bad coffee in Fortuna hotel that somehow ‘cut’ the enthusiasm of even a new coffee drinker like me). I just take them, anyway. Hopefully, the destination, and even the path there itself, is rewarding. Even if I can’t get there, the jouney experience is expected to be sufficiently ‘tasteful’ and motivating.

Love this ‘refreshing’ feeling!

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  1. Dau tien congrats chi cai ve new light in life. Sorry toi hom qua internet nha em no dien dien nen den gio nay moi doc duoc én trì quá là inspirational nay.Sharing voi chi cai point ve career for working moms. I'm struggling too (but still not find the light, unfortunately)… Co le la em chua gap duoc nguoi trigger critical points deep inside quá.Enjoy Hanoi nhe chi…

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